Teemyco Case Studies

From a fully remote manufacturing company, to a global learning powerhouse, and everything in between. Organizations of all sizes, industries & places thrive with their digital office. See their stories below.


"Once we noticed the transformation it powered, we decided to adopt the software throughout our entire business"


"Virtual office empowers us to be even more proactive and agile"


"Our team and the founders really love our virtual office. So yeah, we would recommend it without hesitation."

Insight Psychological

"Having that space is crucial for our culture and having the possibility to check in and see one another is priceless."

The Gainey Agency

"It’s hard to describe how excited we are about Teemyco and what it’s done for us so far"


"Before, we waited with some questions until we had a planned meeting or call, now we can interact in an easy way without the feeling that we disturb our teammates."


"It has made interaction much easier and instant. So in a word it would be Immediateness."


"Using Teemyco has shaped how we interact with each other as a team. The ability to quickly jump into a discussion on video is powerful."

Hyper Island

"Zoom meetings are not meant to catch up with each other or to talk about anything besides what the meeting is about. So our social interaction was hit worst with the pandemic."


"The ease of having conversations, and being able to get feedback at a moment’s notice is the biggest."

Backoffice Abroad

"I was skeptical about Teemyco, we used other online offices, but we weren’t able to make a good experience from them."