"Our team and the founders really love our virtual office. So yeah, we would recommend it without hesitation."

Healthcare wasn’t designed for women, so Hertility made it their mission to change that.

Hertility is revolutionising reproductive healthcare by bringing reproductive science out of the lab and into the hands of every single woman worldwide. 

Whether you're thinking about having babies now, later or never, you can get clarity on what’s going on inside your body with Hertility’s award-winning, at home Hormone and Fertility Test. Once you’ve received your home hormone testing results, Hertility’s dedicated team of Doctors, Hormone and Fertility Advisors, Nutritionists and Fertility Counselors are here to support you every step of the wa and can refer you to vetted partner clinics for treatments such as IVF, IUI and egg freezing to continue your fertility journey.

Hertility also works with  employers to support their employees with their reproductive and hormonal health through CPD accredited  training, consulting on policies  and raising awareness. With 45 people in their virtual office, they are remote-first.

Toby Levy is commercial operations manager at Hertility.

What made you look into Teemyco?

Looked for ways to connect our remote team

Hertility was started during covid times which resulted in an environment where people were working from home. As we stayed remote-first, we now have employees working from all over the world, which made us look into tools that foster a positive culture for virtual teams. 

Wanted to have quicker communication

In the ‘old-school’ physical office you could just walk upto someone’s desk and ask them a question. Nowadays, you need to slack them, wait for them to reply; if you want to hop on a call, scheduling can get difficult and you can lose days to what could have been a minute-long interaction.

At first we found another office, which was a bit more gimmicky, but we did like the idea of what it could bring to the business. Then we stumbled upon Teemyco which was more focused on the actual communication and setting it up for success in our remote team. That’s what we enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

How did you onboard your team?

At first, we used it as a people team and then added the founders before  eventually the rest of the company joined team by team. We didn’t want to dictate how it had to be used, we wanted people to understand the value of the office and why we think it would be beneficial to the business. After the trial, when we started onboarding everyone, we already had a bit of knowledge we could share with each other. Overall, it was a smooth transition.

How does your team use Teemyco now?

It’s the hub for everyone

We log in at the beginning of our day and log out when we’re done with work. Some might think that it’s a clocking in system, but it’s not that at all. Sure, accountability might be a byproduct of having a hub, but the biggest benefit of Teemyco is the collaborative side of it. 

We keep our privacy but stay accessible

Throughout the day you can see different teams at their desks or people in meeting rooms. Some will be in the phone booth to indicate they’re on a call, some will be in a ‘do not disturb’ room if they need that time. Our team values transparency - we don’t monitor where everybody is, so if people are in the office, we know we can pop in for a conversation at any time. 

Furthermore, it’s great that you get a knock when somebody’s trying to invite you to talk. It’s not invasive. And you get to have a ‘watercooler moment’ that would be very difficult to recreate on Slack. From time to time you’ll see people wearing kudos hats on Fridays. We love that you can integrate your calendar and see the whole agenda of your day at the top of the office; it’s really helpful that we  no longer need to jump between our calendars and the office.

Who would you recommend Teemyco to?

Everyone who works remotely really. I often speak to businesses we’re introducing Hertility to or potential new employees and I mention that we have a virtual office. More often than not people are not sure what that means and I just share my screen and show them. Without question the reaction to that is always “What? Wow! That’s so cool I hadn’t seen anything like it!” And I agree. It’s great and that’s why we use it. Our team and the founders really love our virtual office. So yeah, we would recommend it without hesitation. 

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