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We're excited to offer you the opportunity to earn commission by promoting our Teemyco to your audience. 
As a Teemyco affiliate, you'll receive a unique referral link that you can share with your audience via your website, blog, social media, or email list. 
Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission on the sale.
Our program is free to join, easy to set up, and requires no technical knowledge.
We provide you with all the marketing materials you need, including banner ads, text links, and email templates, to help you promote our product/service effectively.

Why team up with Teemyco

Remote Working can be lonely and unspontaneous:

 💦 No more water cooler moments, no more spontaneous team creativity, no more... well, you get the idea

 🏢 Teemyco's virtual office spaces come with all the amenities and extras you need to keep your team happy, creative and motivated

 👍 Join Teemyco's affiliate program today and revolutionize the remote team's work experience!

Benefits of our affiliate program:

30% Commission for 12 months
30 day cookie duration
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Ready to start earning commission by promoting Teemyco? Here's how to get started:


What is the Teemyco Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a way for bloggers, writers, community owners, entrepreneurs, influencerss, and others to spread the word about Teemyco and earn financial rewards.

How do I become a Teemyco Affiliate?

Apply with this link! We review affiliate applicants on a weekly basis. We ask for some information about you, your content links and your audience to evaluate and approve you.

What qualifies as a successful conversion?

Net new workspaces that upgrade to a paid Business plan within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link will be eligible for the affiliate commission.

How long do users have to upgrade to a paying subscription?

Users must upgrade to a paid subscription within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

How will my conversions be attributed to my affiliate link?

 If a user that clicks your affiliate link becomes a paying Teemyco Plus or Business Plan user, that qualifies for a commission! Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so your link must be the last touch point before the user signed up.

How often do you process rewards?

Rewards are processed on a monthly cycle and will be distributed within 20-50 days. Payouts are made on the 10th of every month.

What if a user adds additional seats to their workspace after their first invoice?

If additional seats are being bought, we will consider it an additional transaction. As long as the customer signed up within a year, a reward will be generate for each new transaction.

What Teemyco pricing plans are eligible for commission?

Commissions apply only to Teemyco’s paid Plans. Rewards do not apply to Free or Enterprise plans.

What if a user downgrades?

If a user downgrades from a paying monthly plan to a free plan or receives a refund within the first 2 months of the subscription we may claw back the reward or deduct the amount from future commissions.

Can the users I refer have an existing Teemyco promo/coupon?

You can, but the commissions will be generated for the money collected, not invoiced. If there's a credit or promo that pays for it, the conversion will trigger but the commission amount will be on the amount collected, not the original list price.

As an existing Teemyco Influencer, can I use an affiliate link in a paid sponsorship content?

No, influencers with existing paid sponsorship content cannot use affiliate links as part of your sponsorship. However, you can use affiliate links on your non-sponsored content

How can I promote my affiliate link?

Once you receive your personalized affiliate link, we recommend that you promote it on your blog, social profile, website, videos, etc (the more places the better). If you’re able to create Teemyco-specific content to promote your link, even better! We’ve seen that content about Teemyco will perform best.

If I create a new room, is it visible to everyone?

You can, but you may not purchase ads that direct to your site(s) or through an affiliate link that could be considered as competing with Teemyco’s own advertising, including, but not limited to, our branded keywords (anything that includes the word ‘Teemyco’). If running ads, you need to direct the ad to your own website (and not to or a standalone landing page). When running ads, you must comply with our Teemyco Brand Guidelines.

Can I earn affiliate commission if users sign up to Teemyco through my Teemyco public pages?

Yes! You can customize your referral link to direct to your Teemyco public page. Users new to Teemyco can Sign up directly from it. If they upgrade to paid plan, you’ll collect affiliate rewards!

Are there any requirements for how I promote my link?

When you post or distribute content about Teemyco, your message must make it obvious that you have a financially compensated relationship with Teemyco. We need all promotions to be FTC compliant. A helpful guide can be found here.

I have audiences located in GDPR-compliant countries. Will this impact my rewards?

Yes. If a person opts out of tracking on GDPR-compliant countries (European Union + United Kingdom), we cannot attribute their sign-up to affiliate links, and therefore a reward won't be paid in this case.

Are there any disallowed traffic sources?

We do not allow any traffic sources that promote abusive or offensive content and material. We do not allow email list rental. Please don’t send emails to anyone who has not double opted-in. We do not allow bidding on your affiliate link on any PPC sites. Affiliates are not allowed to incentivize sign-ups with any kinds of rewards (e.g., sharing your reward with the person who signs up). We do not allow use of sub-affiliate networks.

How can I track my referrals?

You can create multiple links and see your stats in your dashboard by signing in to (link to reditus).

Can I refer myself?

 Self-referrals are not allowed. The spirit of the program is to reward you for referring other people.

Can I apply as an affiliate if I’m a solution partner (ie., resellers, system integrators, consultants, agencies, etc)?

No. If you’re a potential solution partner, hang tight: we’re in the process of building a separate program for you!

Employee policy: Can Teemyco employees be affiliates?

Employees cannot be affiliates. If a new hire was an affiliate before joining, they can continue to earn on the content they published before their start date but can't continue to produce net new affiliate assets and earn on them while a FTE.

What terms apply to the Teemyco Affiliate Program?

The Teemyco Marketing Program Participant Terms apply to your participation in the Affiliate Marketing Program along with this Program Resource Guide and any Program Policies that we may make available to you from time to time.

Can Teemyco revoke my affiliate status?

Yes, Teemyco will monitor affiliate activity and reserves the right to revoke affiliate status in its sole discretion.