"Having that space is crucial for our culture and having the possibility to check in and see one another is priceless."

Insight Psychological is a mental healthcare company in Canada that provides therapy services and training to B2C and B2B clients. During the global pandemic some of their team started working from home and after a while moved into a constant hybrid mode, where their therapist personnel works with clients face to face and the business team mixes their working time between the home and the office.

Julia Donnelly is Project and Marketing Manager at Insight Psychological.

Why did you decide to use Teemyco?

Simple video calling tools are not enough

During Covid, when everybody started working from home, we realized that video tools like Google Meets or Zoom are not enough to keep internal communication and culture of the team. Every time you needed to talk to someone, it required a link, you couldn’t just pop in and say hi like previously. 

Coworking was a game changer

When we found Teemyco, things clicked. We started to hop on calls whenever we needed to discuss something quickly, we could cowork together with our cameras on and just feel each other’s presence while going through our daily tasks. 

Bird’s eye view provides clarity

Having the possibility to have our own floor plan was a huge plus as well as the chat functionality. Because of the layout of the office, we can see everyone in the same view which is one of the things we appreciated the most when choosing our own virtual space.

How does your team use Teemyco now?

Use it daily

We use the virtual office every day during our whole work day to indicate to others when we’re available, so everyone has clarity and quick access to each other. It doesn’t matter whether we’re working from home or the office, Teemyco is a place we all meet. 

Built our individual rooms

In our team, each person has their own individual office which they can invite others to and we also have a few shared spaces. Our daily stand ups room and a social space for games on Fridays. Furthermore, we use the do not disturb room as a great way to indicate when we’re trying to focus on some specific tasks and don’t want to be pulled into conversations. 

Stay in touch via Teemyco chat

Our team benefits a lot from the chat functionality as we often chat throughout the day. We send each other kudos hats to show appreciation and have integrated our calendars to showcase our availability. We love the possibility to see all of our day’s agenda at the top of our office.

Improve our onboarding experience

We also have a few interns on our team  which means that people work in between their classes or after school. With Teemyco, they can just open the virtual office out of a coffee shop and join the team there. Having that flexibility and possibility to stay connected really improves our culture. It also makes onboarding smoother as they can ask questions and chat with whoever is available at that time.

Was it easy to start using a virtual office?

Even though the concept was new for everyone, it didn’t take us long to onboard. We all felt it would be beneficial to the team, so moving to an online space was actually a pretty easy transition. 

Who would you recommend Teemyco to?

Based on my experience, I would recommend it to any team that is using a hybrid or complete virtual business model. Having that space is crucial for our culture and having the possibility to check in and see one another is priceless.

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