"With Teemyco it’s easier to “stay in touch” and to get quick answers on quick questions instead of calling or doing a scheduled meeting"

Gazella has been active in the recruitment business since 2014, based in Stockholm. They have 40+ employees that work mainly from office but with the possibility to work from home as well. They use Teemyco every day, all day, to stay in contact with the ones working from home.

Victoria is the Business & Office Coordinator at Gazella.

Why did you start using a virtual office?

We are a very family-friendly company where interaction with colleagues is one of our main parts to get our wonderful Gazella culture. For sure we met some difficulties with working from home, but we adapted quickly and went digital very fast with the activities that were possible to do in the digital world. We got Teemyco in January/February 2020, so this made it easier to stay in contact and interact with colleagues even though we weren’t at the office.

What did you notice after starting to use Teemyco?

Interacting with team-members is made easier as we have the possibility to work from our office or from home. With Teemyco it’s easier to “stay in touch” and to get quick answers on quick questions instead of calling or doing a scheduled meeting. It’s great to be able to invite colleagues to your room if you need a quick chat or if someone needs to answer something quick in an ongoing meeting. The ability to share screens and chat in rooms is also very good. We have only used Teemyco for internal use, so far.

We tried to retain the culture we had before the pandemic with virtual After Works and different workshops which was a good complement, but we try to do these types of activities physically as we see a great value in this. But Teemyco is a very good backup for us when activities in real life aren’t possible. I think there will be more online working in the future. As long as we have our computer, we can work from anywhere, but we see a huge value in seeing each other in person as well and doing fun activities, so we will for sure work remotely but our main focus will be real life interaction I think. We have done most of our interviews and external meetings online since the pandemic and I think this will continue as it reduces travel time, and we can work more effectively.

Would you recommend Teemyco to others?

The possibility to easily and directly be able to connect with your colleagues, no matter where you are working from, is one of the best changes/possibilities with Teemyco. Before, we maybe waited with some questions until we had a planned meeting or call or something, now we can interact in an easy way without the feeling that we disturb our teammates.

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