"Once we noticed the transformation it powered, we decided to adopt the software throughout our entire business"

Marlee (formerly known as Fingerprint for Success) is a layered web app that uses technology, data and conversational AI to empower individuals and teams to achieve amazing things in work, business and life. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with teams located in Northern Ireland, New Zealand and the United States, the team developed the world's first AI Coach 'Marlee' to help its users in more than 194+ countries to optimize their talents and bring out the best in themselves and their teammates.

Isabella Donato is Head of Communications at Marlee.

What made Marlee look into Teemyco?

We at Marlee are a remote first team, and have been even prior to the pandemic. Our CTO, Eduard was looking for a solution to enable more real-time work and learning for our engineering team who are highly geo-distributed. Once we noticed the transformation it powered, we decided to adopt the software throughout our entire business and haven’t looked back.

How were you communicating before having a virtual office?

Prior to Teemyco, our engineering craft were using Slack and Discord to keep an open line of dialogue. The rest of the team were using Slack, and Zoom to power meetings. 

But something was missing. We were looking to replicate as much as possible the connectedness, cohesion and opportunity that you’d get in a physical office and being “together” which wasn’t possible with such structured communication tools.

What was the change like?

The impact was revolutionary, and enabled our entire team to connect and engage, while supercharging synchronous communication, and ultimately our productivity.

How do you use Teemyco now?

Teemyco is where we meet every day

Teemyco is our destination for every day. It’s the app that the people first jump into as they start their day, and where teams hold standups, brainstorms, planned and ad-hoc meetings. The virtual office is an awesome way to power cross-functional work, as well as get a holistic view of people’s availability throughout the day. We’ve customized our office layout and introduced spaces like ‘Be-right-back’ for short, uninterrupted breaks or ‘At-the-Beach’ space where all of our great ideas and brainstorming happens and more, so that there’s both dedicated, and breakout spaces for our teams to thrive. 

It’s where people connect

We also use Teemyco for different anchor points of the week. On Wednesdays we have regular coffee catch ups. We’re invited to ‘meet’ in the kitchen and switch out of work mode briefly to get to know our peers, and those we may not work with directly! It’s an awesome way to get to know others as we very rarely will talk shop during coffee catch up.

We’ve added multiple lounge spaces in our floorplan for cozy co-working. When people are hanging out in the lounge, it’s a way to signal to others that it’s a good time to join, and have less formal meets, like a quick question or wanting to bounce an idea with someone. We really use this as an intentional way to have more casual, free flowing communication between people and teams.

We also love the Google Calendar Extension so we can hold internal meetings in Teemyco, and have access to the agenda of the meetings in the same space. The Phone Booth also shows that we’re working, but on an external call. 

We like to change things up

At Marlee we operate in Seasonal sprints, but most people call them quarters. At the start of a new Season, we love to carry the achievements through Teemyco, and do so by using the ‘kudos’ hats to celebrate our peers and team mates. 

We also like to redecorate during holidays, birthdays and other company milestones. We might do that by hanging some virtual decorations, creating new spaces in the office, or even re-naming spaces to intentionally change the dynamic and layout of the office for whatever we want to invite into our virtual office experience.

Do you feel using Teemyco impacts your culture?

Absolutely. We are so far apart by location that Teemyco acts as a crucial piece of the puzzle to unites us as a team. 

Who would you recommend Teemyco to?

I would recommend Teemyco to anyone in a hybrid or remote environment looking to build or scale, high performing connected and cohesive teams. 

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