"It has made interaction much easier and instant. No more links or invites, we just go to our teammates rooms."

Mario Ruiz is a Customer Success Manager for Industrial Supply Company Invergroup; who have partnered with developers across the globe to provide industrial solutions.

How do you communicate at Invergroup?

The company started in 2015. The main office is in Miami and the rest of us (15 in total) are spread out across Mexico, El Salvador and Spain. We interact and stay in touch using Teams, Teemyco and WhatsApp. We’re remote and have interacted online, via emails and apps since the company started. Our team enjoy the flexibility of being able to work remotely. They miss each other, however it’s not a big deal because we are super used to staying connected in this way!

What impact has Teemyco had on your team?

Teemyco has made our interactions much easier and instant. No more links or invites, we just go to our teammates rooms. So in a word it would be Immediateness. Building relationships and culture between the team is super important for us! We have a meeting every Friday where we talk about topics not directly related to work. Sometimes somebody makes a presentation of something they like or think is interesting for the team. We also try to take a quick break every hour helps so much to recharge inner power and focus.

Overall, we have been able to make some really positive changes since we started using Teemyco. Now there are no more excuses! I go to your room like in real life, and you are there to start talking.

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