About Teemyco

Teemyco is a virtual workplace destination that enables you to collaborate seamlessly within your team, no matter where you are. It’s a virtual venue for important meetings, ad hoc brainstorm sessions, or birthday drinks among colleagues.

We provide your team with virtual rooms to customize. Teemyco enables real and spontaneous interactions regardless of where you are physically located, and brings colleagues together. It’s the office of the future. Your office, online - that’s it.

Co-Founder & CEO
Charlotte Ekelund

Charlotte is the multitasking pusher. The one who makes sure teams across the globe get helped by Teemyco. As a former recruiter, strategist & marketer she has seen and heard hundreds of examples of what makes people tick at work. Her passion is people. Charlotte got her first scholarship for fostering cohesion already in high school and has worked remotely, e.g. at Coca-Cola.

Co-Founder & CTO
Oleg Danylenko

Oleg is the rock in the storm. The brain. The person who makes sure Teemyco’s product is best in class and your virtual office is constantly improving. As a software engineer and data scientist he has spent years building and scaling software, Oleg is a passionate engineer, daring to think differently. He has worked in big & small organizations, co-located and remote teams, amongst others at Klarna.

Some core values that guide us along the way

Make your designs stand out

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Many sections to choose from

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