Setting up a virtual office vs. virtual office addresses; which is right for my business?

Charlotte Ekelund
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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Companies with remote teams are trending! Over the past few years, more and more companies started to work fully remote. Many businesses use a virtual office for their remote team, as this creates a comfortable workspace for their employees. A virtual office replicates the idea of a physical office, but online. For remote workers, it feels like they are spending time together in rooms with their coworkers with the comfort of being home. Yet, many people confuse a virtual office with a virtual office address. A virtual office doesn’t mean that your business automatically has a business address, too. In this blog, we will tell you more about the virtual office and virtual office address. So that you can decide what is needed for your business!

The definition of a virtual office

To bring a virtual office to life, you need effective software apps. These software apps should support your virtual office. This is because a virtual office is completely online, and it allows your employees to work from wherever in the world. The goal is to improve the communication and collaboration between remote workers. With a virtual office, paying rent is old news! Your employees just need a laptop, stable internet, a home office, and virtual office software apps, so they can work remotely.


Teemyco is a platform where you can create your own virtual office. On this platform, your employees enter the office, but it’s 100% online. With Teemyco, you can design and also decorate your virtual office however you wish. Employees can then get together in the office spaces and workstations. This way you can see who is currently working, who is busy with what, and you can even get together in a virtual meeting room.

The definition of a virtual office address

A business may consist of remote workers, but it may still require a permanent office address at which mail can be received. Such a permanent mail address for virtual offices is also called a virtual office address and often involves a service from a specialized company. This means that you can use their office address at charge. Your company then has a business address where mail and packages can be delivered.


The service consists of them receiving your mail and, depending on the arrangements, they will scan it for you, or you can collect it. You can choose to have only certain envelopes be opened up, so they can be scanned and sent by mail. Another option is to have all your mail scanned and sent directly to your mailbox. This way, you are able to receive mail even though you’re somewhere else in the world. If you want to actually collect your mail, it is useful to look for a virtual office address that is nearby.


So, a virtual office address ensures that your business has a local address in a city. This makes your business look more reliable and, in some cases, your business also becomes more findable on the web.

What is right for your business?

Whether your team works completely or partially remotely, you can consider using a virtual office. This means using software apps that create the same feeling of a physical office among your employees. A virtual office can improve the communication and collaboration within the company. So, it is definitely advisable to provide your remote team with an online platform where they can get together as they would in real life.


As for a virtual office address, it is good to first consider how your business is organized: does it consist entirely of remote workers, or do you also offer your employees a physical working space? Often in the second case, you already have a physical address that can be used as an office address for your business. If so, you don’t need a virtual office address. If your company works completely remotely, it may be a good idea to think about a virtual office address. By law, every company requires a physical address, even if all the work is done online. To avoid your personal address from being used, you could get a virtual office address. It also gives you the opportunity to receive and view mail when you’re outside the country.


Taken together, this means a virtual office consists of software apps that provide your employees an online space to get together. Whereas, a virtual office address is optional for remote companies, allowing them to have a physical address and to receive mail. Which is right for your business depends on your circumstances.

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