Teemyco vs. the competitors: Why Our Streamlined Approach Wins

Petter Hoglander
August 23, 2023
5 min read
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I will tell you how Teemyco is different compared to other virtual offices on the market (Teamflow, Gather Town, Cosmos, and Kumospace). But before I do that, I want to clarify who we have in mind when building our product. At Teemyco, we've developed and optimized our product to meet the needs of remote or distributed teams in companies with 5 to 250 employees. If you're a part of a team that fits this description, you'll find great value in what we have to offer.

Boost productivity
Our most basic concept is that we aim Teemyco to be a product that does not get in the way of the team productivity, but instead boosts it. That's why we keep it simple and streamlined, and why we are very picky with deciding what features we add to the product. We don't want to create noise that potentially can come in the way of productivity of our users.

Simplified vs Gamified
Some of of the other players on the market have taken a different direction and built gamified products with many features. It almost feels like you're playing Zelda when you walk around your office space with your virtual office pet. There is of course nothing wrong with this approach, and it can be very fun and great for team culture. However, as enjoyable as it is to have an gamified virtual office, we believe that it gets old after a few days. That's why our strategy is different. Simplified.

Zoomed in vs zoomed out
Another key concept that sets Teemyco apart is the zoomed-out experience. You can get an overview of the entire office floor right away, without needing to zoom out or take any actions at all. We understand how important team visibility is and we don't want to compromise on that. While some of our competitors offer features to zoom out and get an overview, it still requires users to take action, which in our opinion is asking too much from users.

Zoomed out experience creates great overview

Teemyco - Long term solution
We believe that what will win in the end is the virtual office that is delightful, but very streamlined and simplified and works fine side by side with your other tools. We don't offer all the features that other virtual offices on the market provide, but we promise to work hard to have a fast product, with well-working core features, with the most important integrations, and a concept that you don't get tired of after a few weeks but instead can live with for many years ahead.

When discussing the market, I am primarily referring to Teamflow, Gather Town, Cosmos, and Kumospace. Although I may not have been as considerate as I should have been in grouping them together, I did so in order to clearly define our strategy and highlight the benefits and value of Teemyco. However, only you and your team can truly know the needs you have. I hope this text was helpful!

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