Why Get a Virtual Office for Your Product or Tech Team

Petter Hoglander
August 23, 2023
5 min read
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As a member of a product/tech team, I spent my first nine years working in an office. We all sat at the same table, ate lunch together, and went to after-works. It was enjoyable, and we were able to create great products. However, when the pandemic hit, everything changed. No more lunches or social meet-ups, and no more jogging with colleagues during lunch. We were still able to make great products, but it was more difficult and less enjoyable. The sense of togetherness was gone, the long productive meetings were more challenging, the leaders were more controlling, and the trust disappeared.

We at Teemyco have built a product that addresses these issues. Let me tell you why Teemyco is an excellent product for any remote product/tech team:

First of all, Teemyco provides you and your team members with a clear overview of what's happening in your team. You can see who's pair-programming, who's on break, who's in an external meeting, or meeting with members of other teams. It creates a vibe and a pulse throughout the working day. This overview also creates a sense of togetherness, a feeling of being part of a group. This is incredibly important for a remote tech team, and in the end, it builds trust.

Second, Teemyco improves the productivity of your tech team. It allows team members to talk more spontaneously and unblock each other faster. This means fewer pre-scheduled meetings and more spontaneous smaller syncs, just like in a real office. Most importantly, I believe Teemyco adds a feeling of smoothness for remote teams. It's not hard anymore to communicate with colleagues or to understand what's going on in the team and the smoothness leads to productivity and a more happy team.

Third, Teemyco has built-in functions to help you create a great culture in your team. You can design the office space in a way that suits your team, you can react with flying emojis in video calls for more fun meetings, and you can also award your colleagues with kudos hats to share positive feedback. All this will help you improve your culture in your remote team, but of course, everyone in the team still needs to put in a lot of work to build a great culture.

To summarize, Teemyco is not a real office, and you might not get the exact same feeling as you do in a real office. You still can't jog with colleagues on your lunch break! However, it's a great tool to improve productivity, the sense of togetherness, feeling of smoothness, and the team culture when working in a remote setup. And frankly, you'll have more fun and build better products if you use Teemyco, at least that's my belief.Of course, there are other virtual offices out there. They are often more gamified, which might give a delightful experience the first few days, but we strongly believe that our aim for simplicity wins in the long run. Remember that you don't get a virtual office only to use it for a couple of weeks. It's a product that should be around for a long time.

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