Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays in your Virtual Office!

Charlotte Ekelund
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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It’s always good to remember that we are people first, and workers second — so spending time with your team doesn’t always mean projects and deadlines. Use these tips to spread the holiday cheer and get ready for some well-deserved time off!

Virtual Holiday Objects

Of course we gotta mention this one first! Back by popular demand, we have released the holiday objects; go crazy and make your office a winter wonderland!

Festive Quiz Links

Want to go the extra mile to impress your team by hosting a themed online quiz? We’ve provided a themed emoji pictionary game so good it would make Rudolph blush!

Split your co-workers into teams and allocate themed breakout rooms to come up with the answer. Set 15 mins on the stopwatch!

Emoji Pictionary Quizzes:

Yuletide Name Changes

Sure, most of the time you need to stay professional and on top of your game, but sometimes you’ve gotta live a little, right? Challenge your team to come up with fun name-changes for each other. You can even turn it into a competition for a Friday holiday theme day!

Each person gets another co-worker’s name. Then, they must secretly come up with a holiday-related alternative. Maybe you’ve got a “Christmas Steve” on your team or a “North Paul” — the cheesier the better!

Keep it under wraps until your Christmas party, when the best name change wins!

Localized Holiday Backgrounds

Of course we know it doesn’t snow everywhere — certainly not in this writer’s country! Pick festive-themed backgrounds to place on your video calls as a conversation starter. Sure, they can be “The North Pole ‘’ themed, but at Teemyco, we’d rather find out what the holidays look like where you call home. Also, what a great way to find out more about your co-workers!

Holiday Meal Share, No Mailman Needed

Nope, we don’t mean you have to literally share! More countries and cultures around the world have their own unique take on what traditional food looks like this time of year. Why not have a learning session where each team-member shows photos in a shared Google doc and explains what they eat and do during the holidays. Who knows, you might even be able to get a recipe for your new favourite food! YUM.

And If You Want to Take it to the Next Level…Themed Room-Names 🏚️

This is exactly what it sounds like — time to rename those rooms and give things a fun flair! Perhaps you have a “Santa’s Grotto” instead of a conference room, or a “Menorah Motel”? Go wild and make it fun! You can even post a themed Spotify playlist on your room wall. Co-listening to Mariah Carey anyone?

Happy Holidays to all of our Teemyco users! Have some fun suggestions of your own? Be sure to reach out to us online using the links below. We love seeing your fun virtual antics and all of the cool innovative ways you personalize your online offices!

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