Product update July 2023 - Part 2

Petter Hoglander
August 23, 2023
5 min read
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Teemyco has recently announced and released several new improvements to enhance the user experience of our product.

  • Room Wall Feature: Improved user experience to boost productivity for our users.
  • General Performance: Lower RAM usage and overall better performance of the product.
  • Guest Experience: Better user experience for hosting external guest in the office.
  • Calendar Event bar: Help our users stay organized.

Today, we are excited to announce two additional improvements that focus on enhancing visibility and the general user experience of our product.


We have updated the structure of our navigation to make it more intuitive for users. While we understand that it may take some time to get used to the new structure, we believe that these changes will benefit all of our users in the long run. Specifically, we have:

  • Moved the elevator (change floor) to the top part of the product to be closer to where the floor name is located.
Easy to move between floors
  • Moved the floating window docking and the Just Working Mode functions to the right part of the product where other features connected to room activity are located.
Never lose the floating window again
  • Moved User Preference to the top right corner of the product, which is a best practice for communication tools. We have also separated the "adding status" feature to a more prominent position to increase usage and to avoid the risk of users forgetting about it. This will make it easier for users to signal their mood and status to other members in the office.
Signal your status and mode to your collegues


We have replaced the underutilized "Stories feature" with a new feature called "Company Announcements." This new feature allows users to share text, images, and links, and even record a 30-second video announcement. All members of the company will be able to see the announcement. Going forward, we will also add the ability to react with emojis on the announcement. All announcements will be collected in a company feed, making it easy to go back and view old announcements. This is a great feature for leaders in an organization who want to share important context, news, and wins with their team and improve communication. We believe that this feature will help strengthen the feeling of togetherness and foster a great remote culture.

Keep you organisation up to date

We hope that these new improvements will enhance your experience with Teemyco. If you have any questions or feedback on this release, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Petter, CPO of Teemyco

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