Product Update July 2023

Petter Hoglander
August 23, 2023
5 min read
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We have just released some new exciting improvements in Teemyco both for you as a user and for your guest in the office. Allow yourself to be even more productive in a faster, more beautiful and smarter virtual office. The improvements incudes:

Room Wall Improvements

Each room in the office have a Room Wall. On the Room Wall, you can add links to documents and images that is in the context of that room. For example, if the room is used by a specific team, that team can add links to their team board, their mission, their roadmap, and similar items, making it easy for everyone to quickly access the most important documents. You can access the new Room Wall either through the Room Wall button or through the Room Wall side panel on the right side of the office.

Structure your files and document and boost your productivity

General performance Improvements

We have continuously released performance improvements over the last couple of months. The improvement we released today has a huge impact on RAM memory usage, making the new version more than 2x better than the previous version. In fact, the RAM usage of the latest version is 22% lower than Slack, 44% lower than Teams, and 47% lower than Zoom. The release also includes CPU improvements and the time it takes to start the application has decreased significantly.

Teemyco using lower RAM memory comparing with other communication tools

Google Calendar Extension + Agenda view

This new release make it possible for the users that have downloaded the google calendar extension to see the all events for the upcoming day at the top of your office. This will help you plan your day and eliminate the need to have your calendar open in the background throughout the day. Download the google extension and become even more productive in the virtual office.

Improved overview over upcoming meetings and events

Guest Experience Improvements

We have started rolling out an improved version of our guest experience. It will be rolled out in two steps: The first step that was released few days ago will enhances the experience for guests in your office, providing a better user experience. The second step will also make the experience more flexible for hosts, with each office having a link that can be shared with guests. The link leads to the lobby, from which the host can move the guest to the meeting room.

Give your guests a great meeting experience

In addition we also added:

  • We added a Countdown Clock in calls to make meetings more productive
  • Possible to do bulk actions in the member management section
  • Possible to react with emojis in when you sharing screen from the 'floating call window'

We truly believe those improvements will increase the value of Teemyco, more improvements will be released continuously. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback

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