Product Update: Group chat and improved Guest experience

Petter Hoglander
August 23, 2023
5 min read
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Today, we are thrilled to announce two major product improvements that will enhance the usage of Teemyco and increase productivity for you as a user! 🙂

Group Chat 💬

We have supported 1-on-1 chat between members of the same team space for some time now, and 1000 messages are exchanged daily between members. Today, we are introducing support for group chat to further improve collaboration and communication in Teemyco. You can create a group chat for a specific team, project, topic, or one of each for your organization - the choice is yours.

We have also taken this opportunity to improve chat search functionality to ensure that finding what you are looking for is easy.

Create a group chat and stay in touch with your collegues

Office Guest Link 🏢

Over the period of time, we have made numerous smaller improvements to our guest experience, but with today's release, we are taking it one step further. Now, you can not only invite external individuals to a specific room in your space, but you can also invite them to your lobby and, as a host, move them between rooms and meetings.

Think of it as your virtual office address. You can share it with your partners or customers if you want them to be able to visit your team in the office. No pre-booking necessary. Taking spontaneous communication beyond just internal conversations.

This provides a more complete experience for guests while giving hosts more control. Of course, every office member can decide whether or not they want to be notified when a new guest arrives at the lobby. So why not do your next external meeting in Teemyco? Your guest will be impressed!

Taking spontaneous communication beyond just internal conversations

Bonus Improvement

In the name of productivity, we have also added a countdown clock to our video meetings. Perfect for workshops or stand-ups.

Be more productive in meetings

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any thoughts.

If you are not already an user, then go to and sign up for your own office! 

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