How to set up a virtual office workspace in 2023

Daniel Tano
January 17, 2023
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Having a virtual office is the future! It is more sustainable, no more expenses on renting an office, and your employees can work from anywhere. A lot needs to be arranged to set up a virtual office workspace. Employees can’t just knock on each other’s door to ask questions or have a chat at the coffee machine. Therefore, it is important to use effective software apps that help to create a pleasant work environment. Your employees should be able to communicate with each other about work-related topics, but it is also important to give them a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level. Luckily for you, we have gathered the information on how to set up a virtual office workspace!

Come up with a solid business plan

Before you start creating a virtual office, you need to have a business plan. Figure out what your goals are and envision how you want to arrange your virtual office. Setting up a virtual office involves different challenges compared to a physical office. What do your company and employees need to work remotely successfully?


The most important things are a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection. Without these two, your employees cannot stay connected, collaborate, and work efficiently. In addition, consider providing them with a desk and office chair for their home office. You could also give them the option to work from coworking spaces. Include as much detail as possible in your business plan about how you want to set up your virtual office.

A business address and phone system

Your company doesn’t have an address without a ‘real' office (let’s be honest, what is considered a ‘real’ office these days?). This means you should use a personal address to receive mail. However, getting a virtual business address that your employees can use for correspondence is better. A virtual business address means that you have an address where your mail can be delivered. Some companies provide this service, and once they receive your mail, they will scan and send it to your digital mailbox.


Setting up a virtual phone system for your virtual office is also recommended. With a virtual phone system, you don’t have to worry about local phone numbers for your employees. Coworkers can easily call each other for quick questions, forward a call, or schedule calls with clients. Also, look into the options for toll-free numbers or call center services with the virtual phone system.

Purchase virtual office software apps

Besides giving employees their email addresses, you should consider which software apps can add value to your business. Within a virtual office, it is important that coworkers are able to collaborate and communicate with each other even when they’re not in the same physical space. For example, use a virtual office software app for communication within the company, like Slack or Teemyco, for communications and video calls.


You should also use a cloud for documents within the company. Documents are then stored digitally in a cloud, so everyone within the company can access them wherever they are. This way, all employees can store, share and edit the company’s documents.


Coworkers should also be connected with each other in a more personal, easily accessible way. Figure out how you want to celebrate achievements or birthdays with your remote team! Maybe even think of ways to organize a remote team event

Establish your remote hiring process

Employees bring a company to life and therefore take part in the set-up of a virtual office workspace. Hiring remotely can be challenging since the process will probably take place over video calls. Think about what program you’re going to use for the hiring process and how many interviews should be enough to find out more about the potential employee. It is often harder to really get to know someone due to the distance. Know beforehand what type of employee you’re looking for and what you expect from them. This can include specific work days or hours. Then post the vacancy on websites that reach people who are looking for remote jobs and conduct job interviews. 


So you have to think about a lot of things before a virtual office workspace is set up. Create a solid business plan, get a virtual business address and phone system, figure out what virtual office software apps you need and establish your hiring process. If this is all set up and you have hired some amazing remote workers, you are ready to work from your virtual office!

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