Free online team activities for birthdays, culture building and other celebrations

Charlotte Ekelund
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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We know the feeling. It’s your team mate’s birthday, you want to celebrate by doing something fun in the team. But you don’t have time to research what to do during that scheduled virtual celebration. Search no more - being a remote first operating team ourselves, we have listed our six favorite free birthday celebration activities below.

  1. Geo guessing game 

Time needed: 30 mins

Preparations needed: no

Recommended number of players: 4+

How it works: Guess where you are in the world based on a Google Maps Streetview style visualization. But be quick! You only have a certain amount of time. Check it out here.

  1. Codenames

Time needed: 30-60 mins

Preparations needed: no

Recommended number of players: 8+

How it works: A fun word association guessing game! Check out these instructions and play here.

  1. 2 truths, 1 lie

Time needed: any

Preparations needed: 10 minutes at the beginning of the session

Recommended number of players: any

How it works: Just like how it sounds! Each player makes 3 statements about themselves, 2 which are true and one which is false. The other players must guess! The poll feature in the Teemyco video chat is ideal for collecting responses.

  1. Finnish cover band competition

Time needed: 15-60 minutes, adjustable

Preparations needed: at least 1 person must have a Spotify account

Recommended number of players: 5+

How it works: Requires a game leader with Spotify access. Pre-schedule the event & assign who will be the DJ. Only the DJ may check this playlist (cheating sucks!). Gather up & compete either individually or in teams of 2. The DJ plays the Finnish version of the song. 1 point per correctly guessed song title and one per band. DJ only: Start the game using this Spotify playlist.

  1. Pre-made Kahoot quiz - e.g. Music or Disney quiz

Time needed: 30 mins

Preparations needed: someone to set it up, approx 20 mins

Recommended number of players: 3+

How it works: Decide on a game leader; access . Select one of the pre-existing games, e.g. Music quiz or Disney quiz. Enter the game pin, a nickname & start quizzing. The one with the most correct & fastest answers wins.

  1. Guessing team baby pictures

Time needed: 

Preparations needed: a few days; leader must ask for & everyone submit a baby picture 

Recommended number of players: 

How it works: Login to Kahoot recommended. Backup option: shared slide deck; leader administrates. Decide on a game leader, who either uses Kahoot or makes a slide deck & asks everyine in the team to submit a baby picture by a certain day & time and schedules the game. Submit your picture as instructed by the leader. Show up for the activity. Guess who is who. The person with the most correct answers wins!

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