Hosting an Online Games Event? Here Are Our Top Tips:

Natalia Fedorova
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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Employee engagement is every remote office’s greatest asset. 

As a flexible workplace, your company knows the value of balancing work with play. That’s why you’re here planning a fun online games event for your team! 

You understand that online events are a powerful way to reward hard work, build teams, and maybe even spark some creativity. 

Why Host an Online Games Event?

Of course, hosting a fun online games event is a bit more complex than dumping out a pack of Uno cards and your go-to Monopoly board. 

How can you host an online games event that engages your team, strengthens collaboration, and inspires professional relationships? Cool and fun online games are an underrated way to entertain your team. Not only do they leave participants feeling engaged and involved in your company, but they encourage your teammates to become friends!

Here are a few tips for hosting an event that’s actually fun and engaging for your team:

8 Tips for Hosting a Fun Online Games Event for Your Team

  1. Set a Clear Goal & Intention. 

In the past, event planning meant managing the details — finding a venue, catering, and entertainment. But remote events come with a more important responsibility: Setting a clear goal or intention. 

Whether it’s a launch party for a new product, an awards ceremony for staff achievements, or just an office celebration, take some time to decide what you’d like to achieve at the end of the night. 

Figure out why you’re hosting an online games event. Is it to…

  • Help teammates get to know each other?
  • Introduce employees across different teams?
  • Reward a milestone or achievement in your company? 
  • Empower collaboration and teamwork? 
  • Simply let loose and have a bit of fun? 

Once you set a clear objective for your event, you can choose the right online games to play to support your goals.

  1. Choose the Right Platform and Setup.

This might be the most important step in planning a fun online games event. Your communication and collaboration depend almost entirely on the tools you use. 

This is true for office events and everyday work. Find an online workplace communication platform that integrates audio, video chat, direct messaging, and more effortlessly.

Take your event to the next level with Teemyco: A software that creates an interactive online office for your team. Visualize your remote office and make working (and playing) seamless.  

  1. Know Your Players.

Before we can find online games to play with friends, we must get to know the players.

Keep your goals and intentions in mind while you consider the following questions:

  • How many people will be attending the event?
  • Will you need to divide into teams or breakout rooms? If so, how many people do you want in each group?
  • How much time do you have to play?
  • Would your team enjoy dedicating time to one game or multiple short online games to play with friends?
  • What are their interests?  

  1. Find Fun Online Games to Play with Friends.

You know your goals. You know your platform. You know your players. Now it’s time to choose your games!

You can start narrowing down your options by determining the number of players. There are several engaging, fun online games to play with friends for both large and small groups:

Large Groups: Fun Online Games to Play with Friends

Small Groups: Fun Online Games to Play with Friends

Find more free, fun online games to play with friends at the office here.

  1. Choose Online Games that Engage, Not Just Compete.

There are solo games, and there are team games. We’re looking for the latter. Find fun online games to play with friends that are team-driven rather than just competitive. 

These are online games that require communication between players to foster the sense of collaboration and empathy you seek. For example, Battleship and Soduko may be fun for a round or two — but games such as team scavenger hunts, Codenames, and Skribbl encourage more group connection. 

Overall, make sure everyone has the opportunity to play. No one likes being left out, so ensure everyone has a chance to participate in the fun.

  1. Plan the Event with Your Team.

When in doubt, let your team choose the online games to play! It’s for them, right? Narrow down the choices, and invite your team members to vote in your team messaging platform.

  1. Split into smaller groups if needed

If you have a bigger team, make sure your platform allows for a smooth way to split the group. It might be utter chaos to try and get 20+ team members to cooperate and communicate all at once — especially if all of their mics are on (or off). 

Breakout rooms are an awesome way to liven up any online gathering. If you still want more team members to interact, you can switch up breakout rooms throughout the event. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Start and End the Event Together.

Set the tone for the event by starting and ending with the whole team. Encourage excitement for the activities and engage in casual conversation. If splitting into smaller groups for online games, this time will allow team members to catch up and share their experiences.

Host a Fun Online Games Event With Ease

While an online games event may seem like a small feat, it can make a massive difference across your team. Strong team relationships and employee engagement are central to your company’s success.

That’s why Teemyco is committed to making remote teams communicate and collaborate better than ever before. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work with the feel of an in-person office environment. Create an online office and bring your team together for fun online games events and everyday meetings.

Try it out for your next event for free! See the results for yourself with an effortless 14-day free trial

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