Teemyco visits Sixteen software podcast

Daniel Mathisen
June 20, 2023
5 min read
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Teemyco, a virtual office platform for remote teams, recently had its co-founder and CEO Oleg Danylenko interviewed on the popular Software Spotlight podcast hosted by Michael Bernzweig.

Bringing Distributed Teams Together

The podcast focused on Teemyco's mission of enabling inclusive culture and better communication for distributed teams. As Oleg explained, the initial idea for Teemyco stemmed from a CEO struggling to unite a growing remote workforce into "one office, one team".Remote employees often feel left out, like headquarters is where things really happen. Teemyco aims to solve these collaboration challenges with features like always-on video rooms to increase visibility into what remote colleagues are working on.

Podcast Details from the Interview

Some highlights from the wide-ranging interview included:

  • Founding Story: Teemyco was created in 2019, before the pandemic made remote work universal. Key trends showed remote work was already growing rapidly.
  • Product Demo: Oleg conducted a live demo of Teemyco's virtual office platform, showing features like video rooms, calendar integration, status indicators, and more.
  • Roadmap: Upcoming feature releases will focus on mobile apps, further integrations, and customizations based on user feedback.
  • Pricing: Simple per-user monthly or yearly subscriptions. Free 14-day trials available.

Hear the Full Discussion

Listeners can hear the complete podcast episode for more details on Teemyco's virtual office platform and remote work trends.The podcast is available on Software Oasis, or click here to listen: https://softwareoasis.com/sixteen/The Software Spotlight podcast aims to highlight innovative software products and insights from software executives. Remote collaboration is an important theme as flexible work becomes the norm.Teemyco is proud to contribute its experience enabling inclusive cultures for distributed teams on this popular industry podcast

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