Celebrating Your Office Holiday Party Virtually: Seasonal Online Games

Michael Hudson
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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The halls are decked. The eggnog is spiked. Ugly sweaters and office games line your cubicles, as your workspace is temporarily turned into a Hallmark movie.

But now that you work from home, how can you deliver this holiday cheer through your screen? How can you show your team empathy, compassion, and joy this season?

If you’re planning a remote holiday party for your team this year, don’t worry. There are endless, fun online games to play together to end the year on a festive high note:

10 Fun Online Games & Activities for Your Remote Office Holiday Party

  1. Popular Online Games

Get the party started with fun online games to play together via your remote team communication platform.

You can find several popular online games to play, even for free, that will bring joy and laughter to your team members’ screens. 

Looking for games your creative team will love?

Consider fun online games like Words with Friends, Taboo, and Skribbl.

More of a left-brained tech crowd? 

Break out into rooms and test out your Sudoku or Battleship skills. If you’re a team of coders, try your hand at online programming games like CodinGame.

Feeling competitive?

Try out your guessing skills with popular online games to play, like Codenames or Heads Up

If you’re feeling generous, consider purchasing Jackbox Games. The party game back is filled with unique office games you can play with your remote team. 

  1. Trivia Office Games

A bit of healthy competition never hurt anybody! 

Put your trivia skills to the test with Jeopardy or Family Feud-style trivia. Use popular online game tools like Kahoot! to make it effortless. Consider writing your own trivia questions, mixing in facts about your company, industry, and of course, the holidays. 

  1. Guess Who: Holiday Edition

This fun online game will have your team feeling nostalgic in no time. Ask each team member to send the event organizer a holiday picture from their childhood. The rules are simple: The funnier (and more embarrassing), the better.

Create and share an online presentation with the adorable pictures. Invite each team member to write down their guesses on what team member they think is in each picture. At the end, reveal the correct answers together and see who knows their team members the best! 

These online games to play are even easier to coordinate with the right remote office collaboration platform.

  1. Guess the Holiday Movie

Find out which of your team members are movie buffs by playing the office game, Guess the Holiday Movie. 

Play random 10-second clips of classic holiday films. Team members will write down their guesses of which movie they think it is. Reveal the answers at the end together! From here, you have the perfect segway to find out your team members’ favorite holiday movies.

  1. Holiday Cooking Class

Did any of your team members become culinary experts during lockdown? Extend an invitation for team members to share their talents by hosting a festive cooking, crafting, or cocktail-making class. 

Call on the help of the pros by booking an event with online cooking class platforms like Rockoly! Give the gift of live chefs, delivered ingredients, and team memories. 

  1. Ugly Sweater Contest

A few weeks before the event, let your team members know this year’s holiday party theme: Ugly Holiday Sweaters. 

Make it an office game by inviting your team to wear the ugliest, most holly-jolly sweaters they can find. On the day of the party, let everyone show off their sweaters together via an online fashion show. 

Allow team members to vote, and give out awards for the Ugliest Holiday Sweater, Most Festive Holiday Sweater, and the Most Unique Holiday Sweater.

  1. Secret Santa’s Message

Shh! It’s a secret. Spread holiday cheer this year with the classic office game, Secret Santa

If you don’t want to exchange gifts, you can exchange notes of Happy Holiday wishes! Randomly assign each team member as another employee’s “Secret Santa.” They’ll write a kind message for their recipient… but make sure they keep who it’s from a secret! Encourage each Secret Santa to take the time to get to know their assigned team member and write a personal note. 

Want to keep it lighthearted? Consider letting Secret Santas pick out funny online greeting cards through a platform like JibJab.

On the day of the party, send each team member their Happy Holiday wishes. Team members can guess who sent their messages, Secret Santa identities will be revealed, and the party will begin. 

  1. White Elephant

Instead of assigning Secret Santas, play the other classic gift exchange office game, White Elephant.

Invite each team member to select a general gift within your set budget and rules, sending the link to a manager — but don’t buy or send the gifts yet!

On the day of the party, you’ll do a White Elephant gift exchange. Assign a number to each gift (or use a platform like Play White Elephant to make it easier!). Each employee will take turns choosing a random number and virtually “opening” the gift. If they like the gift, they can keep it! But if they like another gift that’s already been opened, they can swap. Let the office games begin!

  1. Create a Festive Team Playlist

You can’t have a holiday party without a holiday playlist.

Make it fun by having each team member send in their favorite holiday music. Collaborate easily by inviting them to add music to the office playlist through platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. 

When the day of the party arrives, your team can enjoy their favorite tunes together.

  1. Let Your Team Vote on Online Games to Play!

Still can’t decide which fun online games to play? Make it a vote! 

Narrow down which office games are the best fit for your party, and allow your team members to vote together on which fun online games they prefer. 

Let them know you’re open to any new ideas, as well! The more collaborative your remote workplace is, the more team engagement you’ll experience. That’s why remote team platforms like Teemyco make remote work feel truly connected.

Connect Your Remote Team with Teemyco

When it comes to remote work, your office holiday party is more important than ever. Team engagement and collaboration are essential for employee satisfaction, success, and retention. 

Build connections easier than ever with Teemyco: The innovative platform that allows you to create an online office and bring your team together, no matter where they are. 

Communicate, connect, and collaborate all year round. Try it out for free, and set up your online office in just minutes. See if it’s the right fit for your team with a seamless 14-day free trial

What better time of year to bring your team even closer together? 

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