Successful habits of fully remote companies with a great working culture

Charlotte Ekelund
January 17, 2023
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A growing number of companies have left the office space behind and now run as a fully remote or hybrid remote company. One of the reasons to choose for a remote culture is that the number of potential candidates they can choose from will increase, because people from everywhere can apply for the job. Not only does having a remote company save you costs, but keeping time differences in mind, the company can keep running throughout the whole day. HubSpot is an example of a company that operates remotely, and it states that remote workers are fundamental to the diversity within the company. For remote companies, it is important to adapt and respond to the needs of their remote workers. This obviously requires certain habits, but which successful habits create a great working culture? In this article, we have listed some companies who are fully remote or endorse remote work and their successful habits.

Annual meet-ups that have an impact

A company that focuses on hiring remotely, and remote working is Automattic. Their remote work culture is based on a successful habit that aims to strengthen the bonds between their employees in a week. Within their remote culture, Automattic talks about a so-called Grand Meetup. Once a year they get everyone within the company to come together for seven days. The purpose of this meet-up is team bonding, as their employees are working from over 99 countries! The bonds created during this week have a positive effect on collaborations within the teams throughout the year. Automattic has thus introduced annual meet-ups that have an impact on building social bonds between their remote employees from around the world.

Great remote culture equals intentional communication

As a remote worker, your day does not start with stepping inside the office. There is no possibility to walk past your colleague’s desk and have a quick chat. While regular communication is important, it should not be the norm within a great remote culture. Companies with remote work culture should focus on intentional communication. PatientPop knows all about this and states that intentional communication is an important part of their remote work culture. The reason for this is that you cannot easily see how someone is feeling when everyone works from home. In addition, colleagues within a remote company may not know each other very well yet. This makes intentional communication essential! The successful habit of PatientPop relates to intentionally checking in on their employees, intentionally supporting their team, and intentionally trying to create a fun work atmosphere. So, intentional communication is important because you don’t see someone’s facial expression, tone of voice or body language right away while working remotely!

Know how to manage remote teams

As mentioned before, HubSpot is also a company that focuses on working remotely. HubSpot is a platform for customer relationship management and their mission is to help grow businesses by uniting software, education, and community. One of the successes of HubSpot’s remote culture is based on their manager training. They offer trainings, workshops, and ongoing support to the managers. If managers and leaders get to know more about how they should manage the remote teams, this results in a strong remote culture. They state that because they expect great leadership, this gives the company the ability to build and grow their remote teams.

Remote culture is about how your team works

Zapier is another company that is building a global community and who give freedom and flexibility to their employees. They have created a successful remote culture by focusing on how their team works. Zapier has some core values each employee needs to understand. Examples of these are that every employee should communicate respectfully and should take action to help with the company’s mission instead of ignoring problems. Another core value is to have empathy, which has a positive effect on collaboration within the team. They try to teach these successful habits to their new employees, starting with an immersive onboarding process. During the onboarding process, the employee will learn more about Zapier’s product, culture, and business. They also state that feedback is very important for remote employees, because this stimulates someone’s professional development.


These companies with a remote work culture all have different successful habits. If you want to create a great remote culture, you can focus on team bonding and intentional communication. But you can also work on leadership within your company or the core values of your company. Learn more about remote companies and create a great remote culture that works for you!

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