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"While going through training, agents are always surrounded by experienced colleagues doing the work, so they can already imagine what their future will look like."
Symmetry Financial Group

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New agents hit the ground running with Teemyco. Teemyco fosters team unity and collaboration during the onboarding process.

91% feel more connected to their team while using Teemyco.


Empower new agents to resolve issues quicker though fast access to support, significantly streamlining training time & resolution of questions.

85% find it easier to resolve bottlenecks.


Enhancing agent engagement and satisfaction boosts business performance and cuts costs, while creating positive culture and improving retention.

84% feel happier at work in a virtual office.

"The virtual office allows us to bring apprenticeships into agent training, which is a crucial part of the insurance industry."

Bird's-eye view of your team

See at a glance who is available for a chat and who is busy. Find a colleague that can help you or just catch someone in the virtual kitchen to socialize with.

Spontaneous and planned calls

Click on a room and start a call immediately, join in when you see others talking, don't miss out on water-cooler conversations and agency-wide meetings.


Celebrate well-performing agents or big wins, announce agency-wide events or send across other important information.

Mobile app

Connect via mobile when you're on the go and need to join that important call. Your office in the pocket.

Room wall

A dedicated bulletin board in each room where you can attach everything from sales boards, training videos, links to employee handbooks or other essential resources your team needs.

Purpose-built rooms

You design your own space. Do you want a room for cold calling? Compliance questions? "Need help" room? A room to greet new agents? You name it, we've got room for that!

All the features your insurance team needs



  • Easy access to onboarding materials
  • Space for live training
  • Mentorship rooms
  • Faster adaptation
  • Insights into the real life of agents
  • Participation in live client calls


  • Hub for information storing
  • Watch trainings together
  • Trainings in break out rooms
  • Listen in on client calls
  • Provide live feedback
  • Quick access to mentors
  • Bring in a mentor during calls


  • Dialling rooms
  • Co-working rooms
  • See when colleagues are on calls
  • Prevent burnout with spontaneous interactions
  • Water cooler moments
  • Bring clients to the office
Success stories
We asked what Gainey Agency of SFG think about Teemyco

"Brilliant Platform"

"The platform does everything it should when it comes to collaboration and communication but goes further and helps us build a culture and supports our values as a company"

"Makes digital communication fun"

"Connection is fast and reliable between the peers connected to the meeting. I've never been disconnected from meetings spontaneously like with many other similar products. Also cultural things like making the digital office a botanical garden or giving each other hats are nice features."

"The best tool to be productive together"

"The opportunity to create and tailor the space for the need of our class was the best feature. We recreated the same configuration that we have in Hyper Island, and everyone got familiar with the new virtual space quickly."

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