Using My Office

How can I invite someone to a meeting in my office without giving them a membership?

You can invite external guests into your online office without inviting them to become a member. Simply copy the link to the room you wish to host your meeting in, and send it to your guest. You will be notified upon their arrival.

Before you invite your guest, the room needs permission to be accessible by non-members. You can update this setting by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting Manage room.

You do not need to pay an additional fee for guests, and your guest will see a shielded view of your office which keeps room names and employee names private.

How can I easily switch my audio and video on/off?

Once you are in a non-silent room, you can use shortcuts to switch between audio and video. Visit My Profile > My Preferences to check this setting on your device.

Who can change how my office looks?

All members have access to the build and the design mode, which allow you to create and name rooms as well as decorate your office. Only the office owner can change the name of the office.