Office Administration

How do I find my office owner?

Simply head to My Profile > Office Settings > Members. This list will indicate the which office members have owner permissions.

How do I promote a member to office owner?

You must have office owner permissions to promote another member to owner. If you wish to promote someone to an owner account type, you can choose to do this by clicking on the 3 dots beside their name and choosing Promote to owner.

How can I deactivate a user in my office?

Simply head to My Profile > Office Settings > Members. Click the 3 dots beside the member’s name and choose Deactivate. Deactivating a user will create a free seat in your office which you can use to invite another member.

How can I manage my subscription?

If you wish to add more seats in your online office, you can choose to upgrade your existing plan.You can also create more free seats by deactivating active members.If you wish to cancel your subscription, please send us an email making this request to Our Customer Happiness Team will respond to your request on the next working day.