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We’re only temporarily distributed due to Covid-19. Is Teemyco for us?

We recommend the usage of Teemyco to teams where at least parts of the team will be distributed more than 50% of the work week time. I.e. if you are planning on shortly all meet physically again in a joint office every day, Teemyco might not be the best option for you.

I am a Linux user, how do I run Teemyco from AppImage file?

You need to make the file executable:- From Terminal (remember to use filename corresponding to the version you are trying to run): chmod +x Teemyco-X.X.X.AppImage- Via GUI (the example is for Ubuntu): right click on .AppImage file -> Properties -> Permission Tab -> Check “Allow executing the file as program".

Does it matter where my team is physically located?

We currently support teams across 6 continents; the whole point of Teemyco is to support distributed teams like your’s. We haven’t yet tried Antarctica though. Should you experience any issues at all, please notify us asap, either in the virtual office or via

Does it matter what type of hardware I have for things to work?

Teemyco desktop application is currently available for Mac, Windows & Linux-users. We also have a web version

Do I need to download something - how does it work?

Teemyco is a desktop application which is downloaded and then “online” when you are. Similar to Spotify, for example.

How do I best explain the value of Teemyco to my team?

Distributed teams are co-located in a Teemyco‘s virtual online office that enables spontaneous talks, like they happen in a physical office. Those can be of either professional or non-professional nature; but we think they make co-working much more fun, smooth and lovely. In Teemyco you can sit in the same virtual room & co-work with audio / video on so it feels as if you are sitting opposite of each other in a physical space. All you need to do is pick the same room as your co-worker.

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Can I only be in one room at the time?

Yes, just like in the real world, your avatar is only in one room at the time.

We all got accounts and have managed to log in. Now what?

Amazing! Decide when to jointly start using your office; there is no point of being alone in an office. Research has shown that distributed teams who have joint communication principles perform better. So why not talk about it while jointly re-designing the standard office layout to something more unique to your team? Use the room description to clarify what kind of behaviour is expected in each room. See the Teemyco welcome email for more useful tips on how to get started.

Can I invite users into our space that are not part of my organization?

Yes you can, but think twice before you do how that changes the office dynamics. Would you give that someone a key card to your physical office? If the person is a trusted agency / consultant you work with very closely and frequently it makes sense. Remember that this person will be able to hop into unlocked rooms. There are no technical restrictions from our side that you as co-workers must be employed by the same employer. When adding external members to your organization, please make sure you don't exceed your workspace's seat limit.

How do I invite external guests into a call?

Firstly, be aware that in Teemyco, a link goes to a room(!) - not a call like in video tools. This means if you share a link in the morning to a room, in theory that external person can use the same link later the same day to enter the same room. Make sure the room you are inviting a guest allows guest entrance. Go to Manage room under the three dots and toggle "Allow guest access via link" on. Then you can find the room link in the top right corner of this room, under the three dots. Click "Copy link to this room" and share it with your guests. When guests want to enter a room, you'll be notified that they are knocking on the virtual room door.

How many people can we be in one room at the same time?

It depends on whether you all have your video on or off simultaneously. If you are 20 people with video on in one room, the quality will start deteriorating. If you experience issues try turning the video off.

How do I create a new room or edit a room?

Click on the three dots on the top right corner of a room and select “Manage room”. This will open a window, where you can change the room's name, description, room type, size, emoji etc. Or even delete it. Anyone can edit rooms. To change room order, you can use drag and drop. Just place mouse cursor over the room you wish to move, click and drag over the room where you’d like to reposition it and release. Dragging and dropping rooms will change the positioning of rooms for the whole organization.

If I create a new room, is it visible to everyone?

Yes, there are no secret or hidden rooms, but you can lock the rooms if needed.

How many rooms do you recommend we have?

We have seen trial groups of 70 employees doing perfectly well with only 7 rooms. But it’s really up to you. All we recommend is not adding so many rooms that you need to scroll when looking at the main office view; it gets harder to keep the who-is-where-overview when scrolling is needed.

What is the maximum number of rooms?

You can add as many rooms as you like.

Do I need to actively move between rooms or is that done automatically?

If you close the floating window after you’ve said goodbye your avatar is automatically moved back into the organization’s default room. People can pull you into a room and if you accept the invite your avatar moves automatically. Other than that we leave it up to you to signal your work mode and availability by selecting the space that suits you.

How do I use the walkie-talkie-function?

First of all, you need to be in a room with an open audio/video line - this is indicated by the video icon on the room. E.g. looking closer at the rooms you will see that there is an open line in the “open workspace” but not in the “quiet room”. When the floating window is in focus, use the space key to talk, and everyone else who is in the same room as you will hear what you say while you are holding the space button pressed.

How do I lock a room?

When you wish to lock a room you're in, use the lock icon on the right hand room panel. Use the same icon to unlock. Locked rooms are automatically unlocked when the last person leaves the room. When a room is locked, you will receive a knock from people trying to enter the room and can choose to either let them in or not.

The floating window is in the way, what to do?

You can either minimize the floating window to your taskbar/dock so you don’t see it, or use the little arrow on the bottom right in the window to make it smaller but still have it float. Don’t forget to keep the sound on so you hear when a co-worker starts talking to you.

How do I invite someone into a room?

Hover over the person with your mouse, a window will appear. Click “invite”. This only works if the person is not in the same room as you. We strongly recommend to also only make use of this functionality if the person does not clearly signal to be busy.

How many people can we be in one room with video at the same time?

If everyone has the video turned on, we recommend maximum 20 people in one room before the video quality might worsen. If you experience issues, try turning the video off.

What does the coffee button do?

Do you feel like you need a break? Just click coffee button and you will jump into kitchen. In addition, all your non-busy colleagues will be notified about that fact and they may decide to join you.

How do I add my company logo to Teemyco?

Click on your profile and go to 'Manage Organization'. You can change your office logo from there by uploading it from your hard drive.

How do I leave a call?

When you want to leave/end your call, please use the home button that is located on top right corner of the window. This will automatically bring you to a default room that you are set to. If you want to change it, just choose a room that you want to make your new default room, go to the settings under the three dots on the top right corner and click 'Make my default room'.

What notifications I may receive?

Currently users might receive two types of notifications. Invites - when someone invites you to a different room or knocks - when someone wants to enter your room that is currently locked. In both cases all notifications will be visible on the "Bell" icon at top right corner of your office. Please remember that each notification will expire in certain amount of time. But don't worry, if this will happen, you will see a red dot beside the "Bell" icon and see what you've missed.

Where do I find the office stories and how to use them?

If you want to make an announcement or share something with your colleagues, just record a video or post a picture in the Office Stories. In the main office view, simply hover your mouse over your logo in the top-left corner and click 'Add Story'. Then decide if you want to record a video or upload a photo and that's it! Uploaded stories will be visible for everyone in the office, and will remain there for 24h. When someone posts a new story, you will see a green border around your office logo as an indicator. You see the stories by clicking on your office logo.

Troubleshooting & Shortcuts

My audio / video / screen sharing does not work. What to do?

If you use MacOS, and camera, microphone or screen sharing does not work, or screen sharing only shares windows belonging to Teemyco app, you need to make sure permissions are set up in System Preferences -> Security and Privacy. Teemyco requires access to Microphone, Camera and Screen Recording.

How do I turn on audio / video in a click?

Shortcut:                           Mac/Os                        Windows/Linux
Mute/unmute                Cmd + Shift + I.            Win + Shift + I
Camera on/off               Cmd + Shift + O.           Win + Shift +O

Get Inspired

I’d love to schedule a call with someone in the Teemyco team to get some coaching on how my specific team can use the virtual office in the best way. How do I do that?

YEAY - we LOVE speaking to you! Feel free to book a slot for team onboarding or a Teemyco demo HERE. We can’t wait to talk to you!

How have other teams designed their offices?

Batcaves, McDonald’s, Spaceships, Fort Knox, Printer Room, Dancefloor, Bar... We’ve seen it all. Visit our User Zone for inspirational examples of how other's have build up their spaces. We suggest you cluster your rooms mentally into 4 types of rooms: focus (quiet), co-working (use walkie-talkie), meeting (scheduled & ad hoc) and social rooms. Then you name them whatever suits your organization, how about that?

Data Privacy & Security

Is the software secure?

We ensure that your data and that of your employees is safe and secure and implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security. We store our data in Google Cloud Platform which meets stringent regulatory requirements including fulfilling ISO 27001 for security requirements, ISO 27017 for cloud security and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy. Data privacy is at the top of our agenda and we comply with data protection laws in the markets where we operate. Please find our data privacy policy here and if you have any questions please reach out to We use a video software called Jitsi that is open-source and has been recommended for its security by Snowden and Tor Project, among others.

Do you use your own video software?

No, we have carefully selected an open source video provider called Jitsi which has been praised for its security. Find out more here.

Are our talks being recorded?

No, we do not record anything.

Where is the in-room-chat history saved?

It is not permanently saved; it disappears when the last person leaves the room. In the real world, what you say in a room isn’t stored either.

Can my boss surveil me remotely while using Teemyco?

Let’s be clear - we are not a surveillance tool. And we are consciously designing Teemyco in a way that it cannot be used as such. For example, even auto-away status (visible after 15 minutes) is only visible to the people in the same room.

Further Questions & Feedback

I have a suggestion on what to improve - how do I share my thoughts?

If you are a Teemyco user, please use the feedback button in your virtual office. If you are not yet a Teemyco user, please share any thoughts you have with

I have a question that I cannot find the answer on this website for. What do I do?

Get in touch with and we will try to help you asap!

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