How to Set Up Group Video Conferencing Software for your Business

Kimberly Carroll
January 17, 2023
5 min read
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When you are planning on organizing a video conference, you need to pay attention to the set-up of your video conferencing software. This will ensure that your video conference will go smoothly and is hassle-free for everyone joining in! Imagine having an important meeting with the team, but halfway through, the meeting has to be cut short because of a bad connection or because others can’t hear you. These issues can easily be avoided by paying extra close attention to the set-up of your video conference software. In this blog post, we have listed a few handy tips that will help you make sure these issues will not happen to you in the future, and you will become a pro at conference calling.

Use one video conferencing platform

First things first: Before setting up your group video conferencing software, you should figure out which video call platform you want to use within your business. It is best when all your employees use the same software. This way, you have a uniform platform and no hassle of constantly switching video conferencing programs. All your employees will be able to have the same experience and know exactly how to use the video conferencing platform.


When choosing a suitable platform, it is good to think about which functions are important for your business. Is the software able to allow up to a certain number of people in one conference call, or are there break-out rooms available? Figure out which video conferencing program offers the necessities your business needs.

Check your audio and camera

If you are planning on having a conferencing call, be sure to check the settings of your audio and webcam beforehand. Nothing is worse than having poor quality sound or a malfunctioning camera. Ask one of your colleagues to join the meeting earlier and check whether everything works before you begin. Some video conferencing programs have the option to test the sound and webcam yourself! To get the best possible sound experience during video conference calls, invest in high-quality headphones with a built-in microphone. And if you want to look extra professional, try out a webcam with a high resolution camera.

Use a good network system

Poor connection is one of the most common problems when using video conferencing software. It can cause the video to crash or the audio to lag. While it might be tempting to blame your conference calling software, the problem is often down to your network connection. Check if your computer and router have a sufficient range or switch to an Ethernet connection. If you keep running into this problem, we recommend switching to a different network provider.

Adjust security settings

Whether you are meeting remotely with one of your employees, or you have an important meeting with clients, it is essential to ensure the safety of your conference call. Some video conferencing software have more security features than others. For example, sometimes people can only join the meeting with a code, or after you grant access to that person. To make sure uninvited guests cannot simply join your conference call, we recommend setting up the meeting with restricted access.

Create a calm and peaceful environment

It is important to provide an environment during your video conference that doesn’t distract others. You should be in an environment that gives off a calming atmosphere and is quiet, so other people can hear you clearly. It is also important that the room has good lightning. This way, you will be clearly visible to others in the video conference call.

Prepare documents for screen sharing

In some cases, you might want to use a presentation during the conference call. You don’t want to face any problems during your meeting, so prepare the presentation on your laptop in advance. This way, everything is all set when you want to share your screen. This saves hassle for later when the video conference has started and speeds up the process. Within video conferencing software it is often possible to share your main screen, a secondary screen, a specific window or tab within a window, or a document.

Know how to record a meeting

It can happen that not all colleagues can be present at your video conference. Perhaps important information will be discussed that needs to be accessible for them. Many video conferencing software offer the option of recording a meeting. You should find out in advance how recording works. After all, you don’t want your video conference to be recorded without video or sound. Get everything ready for recording during the set-up of your group video conferencing software, or leave it to a colleague who knows all about it.


With these 6 tips, you are ready to set up group video conferencing software. Check your audio, camera, network connection, and security settings. Also, prepare documents and know how to record beforehand. From now on, you know exactly what it takes to make your conference call run smoothly!

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