Benefits of having a digital office.

Solve problems, collaborate, produce and scale - all from the online workspace that increases productivity.

For the managers

Better Delegation

Communicate tasks to your team in one go, or leave instructions on their room wall. No more emails or chats.

Better Oversight

Get a clear visual representation of who is working on what. Regulate breaks, and make sure your team is getting the rest they need to maintain efficiency.

Better Productivity

Track the time being spent on projects, have visibility on your team members to help them achieve their goals and super-power efficiency.

Maximize Time

Provide clear opportunities to be available for questions. Enter Deep Focus mode for uninterrupted productive work time.

Maximize Talent

Create time-allocated rooms for specific tasks per team member, and ensure the distribution of effort towards goals.

For the team

Less Distractions

Low notification environment for maximum productivity. Designated spaces for focused activity.

Less Meetings

Planned 30 minute calls now become a 3 minute catch up. No more wasted time.

Less Time on Admin

No scheduling meetings or writing e-vites. Work is fluid and happens in a flow state.

More Flexibility

Work from wherever they are without a commute. Everyone on time, all the time.

More Focus

Calm visual environment with minimal distractions. Quit multitasking for good -one room, one task.

Increase productivity & happiness of your team

What our users say about having a digital office

In 2021 we did a Before and After survey of all of our users, this is what they think:
Feel more connected to their team.
Find it easier to resolve bottlenecks.
Feel happier at work.
Feel less lonely.
Feel work has gotten more fun.
Think more good ideas have come to life.
* 2021 Before / After Teemyco user survey
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