Remote Team Overview

Gain a Bird's-Eye View of Your Team.
Experience the closeness of a physical office with your remote colleagues.

Work Smart, Live Fully

Leave the daily commute behind and embrace remote work. Not only will you reduce your environmental footprint, but you'll also gain precious hours to invest in family, hobbies, and self-improvement. It's time to work efficiently and live life to the fullest

Hire Globally, Work Seamlessly

With our product, you can tap into a world of talent, seamlessly hiring from anywhere on the globe. Remote work knows no boundaries, and neither should your team. Connect with top talent as if they were in your own neighborhood.

Unlock Significant Cost Savings

By transitioning to a remote workforce, you'll enjoy substantial cost savings. Say goodbye to office rent, utilities, and commute expenses. Reallocate those funds for growth and innovation. It's a smarter, more cost-effective way to work."

Foster Team Happiness, Virtually and Authentically

In the virtual office, building a strong remote team culture is not just possible, it's transformative. A happy team is a productive team, and our product empowers you to create genuine connections and a sense of belonging among colleagues. Experience the true power of remote work culture

Every feature your team needs 🤩

✔ Unlimited video calls
✔ Chat
‍✔ Double screensharing
‍✔ In-call polls
‍✔ Fully customisable office
‍✔ Desktop & Mobile apps
✔ Guest experience
✔ Slack & calendar integrations
✔ Kudos hats
✔  Fun office objects
✔ Company feed
✔ World class support

"Brilliant Platform"

"The platform does everything it should when it comes to collaboration and communication but goes further and helps us build a culture and supports our values as a company"

"Makes digital communication fun"

"Connection is fast and reliable between the peers connected to the meeting. I've never been disconnected from meetings spontaneously like with many other similar products. Also cultural things like making the digital office a botanical garden or giving each other hats are nice features."

"The best tool to be productive together"

"The opportunity to create and tailor the space for the need of our class was the best feature. We recreated the same configuration that we have in Hyper Island, and everyone got familiar with the new virtual space quickly."

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Online Meeting Tool
Physical Office
Fights Remote Fatigue
Great for Developers
Enables Remote/Hybrid Workplaces
Creates Happy Teams
Scales Without Friction
Makes The Office Accessible Anywhere
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