This Swedish company created an AI which matches viable products with global suppliers

My name is Peter Olsson and I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Revam. We started working on our product finding platform in the fall of 2020. Currently we are a team of twelve working at Revam, not bad considering we’re still bootstrapped! 

In my previous line of work we were “forced” to sit down for long periods of time. Also having an inability to move somewhere else if my colleague wasn’t fun to hang out with. But being a pilot has its upsides as well! I do miss the view but not the airplane food. 

The aviation industry was heavily hit by the Covid crisis. Which led me to become unemployed overnight. After a few days of pondering what to do. Me and a colleague came up with the idea to start selling products online and open our own store. During this process I came to the realization that products are still sourced in the old-fashioned-way, which is extremely time-consuming and has no guarantees that it’ll work. 

Out of this Revam came to light. We wanted to build the worlds’ first platform that automatically finds market opportunities for online sellers. And that is what we did.

So we’re in the middle of a never-seen-before pandemic, an ex-pilot and a programmer decide to join forces and start Revam. How did we do it?
We found a few tools that we decided would be paramount in our success. Teemyco being one of those. 

Most of our team is fully remote. This in combination with relatively flexible working hours is what's made us able to retain our co-workers and ensure a productive working environment. 

Teemyco is focused on the well-being of its users. It’s an engine of positiveness. This spreads out among the different teams we have. We use Teemyco fully instead of other options there. Even investor pitches. 

Building relationships and culture with our teammates is very important to us since we work remotely. We have a very clear Code of conduct, and that is the foundation of how we work in Revam. During our onboarding process we try to get the whole company to greet the new co-worker. To have a clear Revam culture is great since we are based in different continents and cultures. 

We’ve learned a lot since opening our virtual office. The best hack would be the short ad-hoc meetings we do. This enables us to make sure no-one is stuck. Something not working in the code – give a senior a ping and five minutes later the problem is solved. 

We do all our weekly team meetings in Teemyco for all teams. We do enjoy giving out kudos hats and it always results in positiveness and bonding as a team. We also try to do other fun things like games and have used Kahoot! for some of our onboarding activities.

In terms of what might be useful to us in terms of the next stages of Teemyco’s development, there are a few things we would pick. We really like the bird-eye-view of what’s going on in the office. Also we are heavy users of screen share and webcam. It would also be good to have an easier way of sharing code-snippets and a “stoplight” feature that would be shown very clearly around every avatar. Green = Open to talk about anything. Yellow = Busy but disturb me if it’s important. Red = Busy, please don’t disturb. 

In our opinion, the future of work is online. That being said, I think we need some sort of Metaverse solution before we can take everything fully remote. Coders/programmers are perfect for remote work. More creative jobs like marketing need some sort of non-remote solution. Revam wouldn’t exist in the shape it does today without us using Teemyco. We’ve used it since day one and plan to always continue!

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