"Spontaneous interactions, fostering a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance"

HopHR, a leading USA HR SaaS company, has been at the forefront of redefining how organizations manage their human resources. With a keen focus on remote work and collaboration, HopHR has consistently sought innovative tools to facilitate seamless communication among their geographically dispersed team. One such tool that has become an indispensable part of their daily operations is Teemyco.

The entire team (about 30) is spread across different time zones, and their Head of Sales, Strategic Partnerships, David Hauser, has been a remote worker since 2018.

How do you use Teemyco?

We're pretty heavy users of Teemyco. It's not something that we just open once a day, but it's something that's in constant use. The platform's user-friendliness and informal interface have been a game-changer for HopHR.

It allows us to be less formal with each other

One of the key strengths of Teemyco for HopHR is the ability to replicate the informal office atmosphere in a virtual setting. If there's any question, we'll jump into Manuela's room or vice versa. This feature allows for quick, spontaneous interactions, fostering a sense of togetherness despite the physical distance.

Open door policy

Our internal meetings are held in the conference room, and that's done for a couple of reasons. One is that Ash and Nazli, our founders, have a very open-door policy, so anyone can join any meeting at any time. Teemyco facilitates this by providing a virtual meeting space where employees can join discussions effortlessly, just as they would in a traditional office.

Teemyco fills the gap for remote workers

I've really missed that connection piece, especially in my last role, where I was the only solutions engineer/sales guy. Having this system here makes it really easy. We can have syncs, knock into each other's room, and resolve misunderstandings quickly. The platform offers a sense of camaraderie and accessibility that's vital for remote teams.

We use it with ease

One aspect that stands out for HopHR is the ease and friendliness of Teemyco. I do like how easy it is and how friendly everything looks. It's just nice. Everyone's so used to really strict formal boring stuff, and I hate that. So this works great. The informal yet professional interface of Teemyco aligns perfectly with HopHR's culture.

Would you recommend Teemyco to others?

Yes. Teemyco has become an integral part of HopHR's daily operations, enhancing remote team collaboration and fostering a sense of connection among our geographically dispersed workforce. Its user-friendly interface, ability to replicate the office environment virtually, and support for an open-door policy have made it an invaluable asset for HopHR as we continue to lead the way in remote HR solutions.

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