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Real offices don’t require links. Neither do we.

Enter any room seamlessly. Use video, audio, screensharing as you please - your co-worker is just a click away!

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Spread happiness in your office

Lovebomb with emojis, hit the coffee button to take a break together or share a story of your dog. Anything to smile more, together.

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Collaborate using your favorite work tools

Integrate your calendar & Slack, open pinned documents, sheets, mock-ups, lists, boards & more - directly in the office.

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Customize your space. It’s yours.

Your team is unique, so is your space. Use your logo colors. Drag, drop, add and adjust rooms or tables as you please.

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Reward a co-worker with a kudos hat

Celebrate outstanding work by recognizing your teammates’ success

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Teams across 6 continents love it!
Mikaela - COO, Hack Your Closet


COO, Hack Your Closet

“Teemyco helps my team stay connected in a fun and creative way. It’s easy to reach anyone, even when you’re working remotely. As simple as spinning your chair in the office and saying hey!”

Marc - Head of Product & Growth, Moonshot partners


Head of Product & Growth, Moonshot partners

“For us it was obvious to go for a solution like Teemyco, it is like vitamin to remote culture. We came in with a fun mindset, but Teemyco has become an absolutely central part in our culture. The value for us is that Teemyco IS our office.”

Christian - CEO, Upstreet


CEO, Upstreet

“I just cancelled our other video subscription. We basically don’t use it anymore since we use Teemyco.”

Jennie - Customer Success Manager - Operations director, eHealthApp


Customer Success Manager - Operations director, eHealthApp

“We have always worked remotely and tried other tools too. Teemyco is our meeting grounds, I love the instant access to my team mates and the overview of where people are and what are they doing.”

Łukasz - VP of Technology, AppJobs


VP of Technology, AppJobs

“Teemyco feels like an office 2.0; it’s how technical staff see office anyway ;). Our virtual office makes meetings easy. Extremely easy.”

Carmen - CFO, Wetaca


CFO, Wetaca

“I am onboarding people fully remotely. We have coffee in Teemyco, I am sharing my screen every day for communicating quickly; it is so much easier than via other tools.”