Revolutionize Tech Outsourcing

Teemyco's virtual office fosters smoother teamwork, breaking down geographical barriers and improve visibility for managers, clients and the team

Transparent Collaboration

Teemyco brings the familiarity of a physical office to your screen, promoting transparency like never before. Watch projects come alive as teams collaborate in real-time, moving seamlessly between rooms, discussions, and tasks.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

Empower your teams with tools designed for high-performance collaboration. Our platform not only bridges geographical distances but also brings teams closer, fostering innovation, rapid problem-solving, and efficient project execution. Enhance productivity while retaining the essence of in-office interactions. With our virtual office, you're not just working remotely; you're working together.

Efficient onboarding of new team members

Build high-performing teams by providing a safe space to collaborate and get support. Feel closer to your colleagues, even when you're far apart.

Unparalleled Client Visibility

Grant clients a live view into your team. Elevate trust with transparency that showcases your dedication and expertise in real-time. Visual clarity ensures clients feel involved, valued, and reassured, fostering stronger partnerships and open communication. With us, every client gets a front-row seat.

Every feature your team needs 🤩

✔ Unlimited video calls
✔ Chat
‍✔ Double screensharing
‍✔ In-call polls
‍✔ Fully customisable office
‍✔ Desktop & Mobile apps
✔ Slack & calendar integrations
✔ Feedback features
✔  Fun office objects
✔  Office stories
✔ World class support