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The best teamwork of your career

Solve problems, collaborate, produce and scale - all from the online workspace that increases productivity and team satisfaction.

Your office, from anywhere

Remote working doesn't need to be lonely. Connect your entire team in a warm and intuitive space where everyone feels a part of the mission.

Access your office from any location via web, desktop or mobile app (iOS & Android).

The ultimate client experience

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your team and visitors alike.

Design your online office to seamlessly match your existing branding specifications. Allow external guests to securely visit your office in a single click.

Get social and build trust

Hybrid and online workers need social tools that allow them to interact outside of video conferencing. It's time to revive the atmosphere and energy in the online work-sphere.

Watch your team come to life with stories, kudos hats, flying emojis and more- all designed to grow trust, awareness and empathy.