A virtual hub for your remote team

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Access your colleagues easily

✔️  Reduce number of meetings, solve bottlenecks ad-hoc
✔️ Easily see who is available and grab them for a quick chat
✔️  Collaborate effectively with double screen-sharing, pulling other colleagues in to your meetings and much more.

Enter the hub from anywhere

✔️ Access your virtual hub from anywhere
✔️ Log in via web, desktop or mobile app
✔️ Work together side-by-side to make onboarding remotely a breeze
✔️ Make everyone feel like a part of the team and build meaningful relationships

Make it feel like your own

✔️ Bring in your culture by branding the hub with your logo and colors
✔️ Build a great working environment with silent, active and social spaces
✔️1000´s of different purposebuilt use-cases for rooms
✔️ Bring guests for external meetings to your hub to show them your culture

Build culture and bring happiness

Remote teams need social tools to interact outside of video conferencing. It's time to revive the culture and energy in the remote work-sphere.

Watch your team come to life with stories, kudos hats, flying emojis & more- all designed to grow trust, awareness and empathy.

Virtual office benefits

Managers in the virtual office

✔️ Provide a single space where the whole team can be together
✔️ Visualize availability, location, meeting status
✔️ Reduce administration with frictionless communication you don't need to schedule
✔️ Onboard remote staff in a positive, efficient and inclusive way

Teams in the virtual office

✔️ No more disconnection. The best way to work together is to be together
✔️ Reduce blockers by getting answers or support in the moment
✔️ Reach goals quicker by achieving focus in a calm, low-interruption environment
✔️ Build positive, more trusting relationships with your colleagues and feel part of the team no matter where you are

Get started with your 14-day free trial today
No creditcard is needed, just bring your team and get started in 5 minutes.

Why our users love Teemyco

“Like many other companies we have different locations. Since we are using Teemyco, the geographical distances do not matter anymore. Even people in the same office use Teemyco because of its ease of use. Since a few months even our customers are using the link to our different Teemyco offices. Teemyco is the best invention since the invention of sliced bread.”

Thomas Bone-Winkel

oji Europe GMBH

“At Nexro we have been using Teemyco every single day! It helped with the connectivity within the team.
Now it feels like we all are truly in an office, where it is easy to pop by and see what the coworkers are doing, ask questions without any hurdles and plan meetings.
We also saw a great response from external people, when they come into our meetings in Teemyco, they all seem to love it!



"Teemyco has significantly transformed our team's workflow. Its virtual office environment fostered both engagement and a sense of unity among our remote members.
We noticed a marked improvement in performance, and our team culture has become more inclusive and vibrant.
I highly recommend Teemyco for teams looking to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person collaboration.”

Talal Asad

Brand together

1. Create your virtual hub

✔️ 14-day free trial
✔️ No credit card needed
✔️ Low cost
✔️ Takes 5 minutes
✔️ Risk free

2. Invite your team

✔️ Bring your remote team together
✔️ Visualize availability, location & calendar
✔️ Connect in a click

3. Adjust your virtual office

✔️ Customize logo and branding
✔️ Create rooms and desks for teams, tasks and projects
✔️ Floor plan and decorate

4. Virtual office teamwork

✔️ Enjoy frictionless, ad-hoc communication
✔️ No need for scheduling or links
✔️ Secure guest experience for customers

Benefits of having a virtual hub.

Solve problems, collaborate, produce and scale - all from the online workspace that increases productivity.

For the managers

Better Delegation

Communicate tasks to your team in one go, or leave instructions on their room wall. No more emails or chats.

Better Oversight

Get a clear visual representation of who is working on what. Regulate breaks, and make sure your team is getting the rest they need to maintain efficiency.

Better Productivity

Track the time being spent on projects, have visibility on your team members to help them achieve their goals and super-power efficiency.

Maximize Time

Provide clear opportunities to be available for questions. Enter Deep Focus mode for uninterrupted productive work time.

Maximize Talent

Create time-allocated rooms for specific tasks per team member, and ensure the distribution of effort towards goals.

For the team

Less Distractions

Low notification environment for maximum productivity. Designated spaces for focused activity.

Less Meetings

Planned 30 minute calls now become a 3 minute catch up. No more wasted time.

Less Time on Admin

No scheduling meetings or writing e-vites. Work is fluid and happens in a flow state.

More Flexibility

Work from wherever they are without a commute. Everyone on time, all the time.

More Focus

Calm visual environment with minimal distractions. Quit multitasking for good -one room, one task.

Get started with your 14-day free trial today
No creditcard is needed, just bring your team and get started in 5 minutes.