Your space that fosters creativity and innovation

Reduce administration with frictionless, ad-hoc communication you don't need to schedule.

✔️ Improving team innovation & creativity
✔️ Improving team productivity
✔️ Improving team happiness

"The best tool to be productive together"

  • 🚀 86% Find it easier to resolve bottlenecks
  • 😄 84% Feel happier at work
  • 💡 91% feel more connected to the team
*From user before/after/ survey H1 2022
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How does it work? 

1. Create your office

✔️ 14 days free and It takes 1 minute

2. Invite your team

✔️ An empty office is a boring office, right?

3. Adjust your office

✔️ Add business branding and
fill your office with fun objects that your team will love ❤️

4. Enjoy great collaboration  

✔️ Enjoy frictionless, ad-hoc communication that you don't need to schedule.

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User case

"We are a 10 people team that is constantly growing and always looking for ways to improve, since we are working remotely, interactions become something key to be able to work effectively. That said, Teemyco has turned into a really powerful tool to bring us together."

Yian Millian

Backoffice Abroad

"One of the features we like the most is the ability to share 2 screens at the same time so we can easily compare code when things are not working. We have also pinned a lot of links and documents to the different rooms/tables to quickly access them when we need to."

Gonzalo Escudero

Hyper Island

"I love that you can choose to work alone or just next to each other. So you never have to feel alone while working. You can share happiness and sometimes some frustration — that’s cool and healthy!"

Greta Winkel

oji EU
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More productive team meetings

✔️  Reduce number of meetings, solve bottlenecks ad-hoc
✔️  Create a poll and take quick team decisions
✔️ Use double screensharing for better pair-programming
✔️ React and share emotions with emojis  

Team work from anywhere

✔️ Access your office from any location via web, desktop or mobile app (iOS & Android).
✔️ Talent have no borders, start to find talent for your team from anywhere  

Customizable your office, make it perfect for your team

✔️ Add your team/company icon
✔️ Add your team rooms
✔️ Decorate your team space with fun objects your team will love ❤️

Share positive feedback and get your team in a good mood

✔️ Reward you colleagues a Kudos Hat
✔️  Create a poll and get quick feedback

The best teamwork of your career

Solve problems, collaborate, produce and scale - all from the online workspace that increases productivity and team satisfaction.

Your office, from anywhere

Remote working doesn't need to be lonely. Connect your entire team in a warm and intuitive space where everyone feels a part of the mission.

Access your office from any location via web, desktop or mobile app (iOS & Android).

The ultimate client experience

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your team and visitors alike.

Design your online office to seamlessly match your existing branding specifications. Allow external guests to securely visit your office in a single click.

Get social and build trust

Hybrid and online workers need social tools that allow them to interact outside of video conferencing. It's time to revive the atmosphere and energy in the online work-sphere.

Watch your team come to life with stories, kudos hats, flying emojis and more- all designed to grow trust, awareness and empathy.

Key benefits

For Managers

✔️ Provide a single space where the whole team can be together.
✔️ Visualize availability, location, meeting status
✔️ Reduce administration with frictionless, ad-hoc communication you don't need to schedule.
✔️ Onboard remote staff in a positive, efficient and inclusive way.

For the Team

✔️ No more disconnection. The best way to work together is to be together.
✔️ Reduce blockers by getting answers or support in the moment.
✔️ Reach goals quicker by achieving focus in a calm, low-interruption environment
✔️ Build positive, more trusting relationships with your colleagues and feel part of the team no matter where you are.

Every feature your team needs 🤩

Unlimited video calls
Chat (coming soon) 
Double screensharing
In-call polls
Fully customisable office
Desktop & Mobile apps
Slack & calendar integrations
Kudos hats
Fun office objects
Office stories
World class support

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Us against the alternatives

Online Meeting Tool
Physical Office
Fights Remote Fatigue
Great for Developers
Enables Remote/Hybrid Workplaces
Creates Happy Teams
Scales Without Friction
Makes The Office Accessible Anywhere
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