What Teams On Teemyco Experience:

A better option than sending meeting links back and forth

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Feel more connected to their team
Find it easier to resolve bottlenecks
Feel happier
at work
Feel less
Feel work has gotten more fun
Think more good ideas have come to life
* 2021 Before / After Teemyco user survey

Hybrid and Happy Teams

Talk Ad-hoc,
Like In A Real Office

The place where team quirkiness meets empathy: Your team is unique and so is your culture. Office pets, kudos hats, flying emojis - all designed to let your team express themselves.
Simple and effective scheduling: Integrates simply with tools you already use to enhance the workflow of your team.
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Co-ordinated Culture

Work happiness for everyone, from anywhere

Include the whole team. Access your branded office and stay closer to colleagues and friends -no matter where they are located! Work side by side with co-workers and build a stronger culture.
Practical solutions that fit: Create rooms for specific projects or teams. Pin links to room walls for easy access. Need more privacy? Head to a silent room or lock your current one.
Encourage expression: Get to know the people you work alongside as individuals with status updates and office stories. Star those closest to you to easily find your favorites!
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What they say about us

Real reviews, from real users on G2 who've rated us 4.8 / 5 in total.
A must have for distributed teams. Our team has used Teemyco since the early days when we were pre-product, and we have grown to love it.

We have a distributed team, and some of our crucial brainstorming sessions and founder discussions have happened on Teemyco!
Aida L
and CEO
We are enjoying the Teemyco experience, ‘sitting’ next to people, and the ease of turning on / off mics video to chat has helped simulate an office vibe that the likes of Slack, Teams, Zoom, etc. can’t replicate.
Tia S
Research Coordinator, SMB
(50 or fewer employees)
We have compared multiple other different virtual workplace applications, Teemyco is not only the easiest to use for us but it is also really convenient and fun for the entire team! Using Teemyco as a remote team, we can feel like working in the same office and our communication has increased at least 3x thanks to it!
Ege G
Co-Founder, SMB
(50 or fewer employees)

Intuitive Operations

Welcome to your Digital HQ

Build a strong team, impress externals and get at-a-glance oversight across teams and departments. Be available for questions and support, and visualize the availability of others efficiently and empathetically.
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