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About Teemyco

Teemyco is a virtual workspace to collaborate remotely with your team in a new and better way. Enable high performing teams with a virtual HQ that impresses customers and promotes quality interactions.

Virtual office benefits

Managers in the virtual office

✔️ Provide a single space where the whole team can be together
✔️ Visualize availability, location, meeting status
✔️ Reduce administration with frictionless communication you don't need to schedule
✔️ Onboard remote staff in a positive, efficient and inclusive way

Teams in the virtual office

✔️ No more disconnection. The best way to work together is to be together
✔️ Reduce blockers by getting answers or support in the moment
✔️ Reach goals quicker by achieving focus in a calm, low-interruption environment
✔️ Build positive, more trusting relationships with your colleagues and feel part of the team no matter where you are

Benefits of using Teemyco:

🚀 86% Find it easier to resolve bottlenecks
😄 84% Feel happier at work in a virtual office
💡 91% feel more connected to their team

How does a virtual office work? 

1. Create your virtual office

✔️ 14-day free trial
✔️ No credit card needed
✔️ Low cost
✔️ Takes 1 minute
✔️ Cancel anytime

2. Invite your team

✔️ Bring your remote team together
✔️ Visualize availability, location & calendar
✔️ Connect in a click

3. Adjust your virtual office

✔️ Customize logo and branding
✔️ Create rooms and desks for teams, tasks and projects
✔️ Floor plan and decorate

4. Virtual 
Workspace teamwork

✔️ Enjoy frictionless, ad-hoc communication
✔️ No need for scheduling or links
✔️ Secure guest experience for customers

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How much does Teemyco cost?

You can find our pricing here

Who is Teemyco for?

Teemyco is for any company that works with a distributed workforce and want to continue to work towards effective communication, collaboration and culturebuilding.

Will I get help designing my office?

When you start your free trial we will reach out to you and you will get the opportunity to talk to one of our specialists on how to design your office to best suit your needs.